Help needed re. olympus FE-210 camera

kirstybrooks, Mar 7, 11:48pm
Help needed re. olympus FE-210 camera Hi there, have just tried to take a photo as I normally do, but when I look at the pic just taken, it is completley white with the subject only just visible. My camera may have been fiddled with while we were out last night by a younger family member and I dont know where to go in the menu to fix it. Have tried to find where to adjust the picture brightness but cant. Any help would be appreciated!

kirstybrooks, Mar 7, 11:48pm
I can upload one of the pictures for an example if it would help.

deodar, Mar 8, 12:25am
Overexposure Sun behind the subject?Whats done is

kirstybrooks, Mar 8, 12:34am
No, does it indoors as well. very frustrating, may have to take it to the shop and get them to have a look. Thanks anyway!

susievb, Mar 8, 5:16am
I would try going into menu and finding the setup menu (at least that is what it is called on my fuji camera)then the reset button. This resets all selections like when it came out of the box. This will mean you will have to choose english for the menu language and redo clock/date

kirstybrooks, Mar 8, 5:22am
Thanks susie I did see a reset option, didnt try it though as I thought it could wipe all the photos? will it do that? thanks so much for your help

susievb, Mar 8, 5:36am
Um just to be safe download all your photos to computer first, or take out sd card (I'm presuming photo's are stored on sd card)before pushing reset button so they can't be accidentally wiped.

kirstybrooks, Mar 8, 5:41am
YES!!!! it worked, thank you so so so much for your help. was having a stress out about having to pay to get it fixed. thanks again!

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