Building a home server for storage...

ilottl, Nov 12, 9:00am
Building a home server for storageI am looking to build my own wee server to store in a cupboard etc and never touch except for adding drives. Can anyone advise on system requirements for a software raid and what version of linux? Also do the drives need to be matched or the same specs eg 500gb and another 500gb or can you add a small or bigger drive as demand grows?

poohy99, Nov 12, 9:05am
Probably will overheat in a cupboard Also, have considered your power bill?

0800xford, Nov 12, 9:06am
why not external drives instead?

ilottl, Nov 12, 9:10am
Apparently it will be around an extra $15 a month to run a storage server, all it will be doing is serving up files across a netowrk or for storage of pics, movies etc. I was aiming for raid5 for redundancy. I have tried external drives and eithr run out of power sockets or drivs overheat etc etc. Plus when a usb external drive of 1tb gets full, its painful copying off to others..

cybertao, Nov 12, 9:23am
Any version of linux will do. But it depends on what you want. All you need is a minimal install of linux with command line tools, ssh for you to remotely administer it, and samba to share harddrive space(if you are using windows to connect). I use a PII350 with 128Mb of ram - and that's overkill, with samba running it only uses 10Mb.

0800xford, Nov 12, 9:30am
something debian based would make sense, lots of support for it.

ilottl, Nov 12, 9:48am
Thanks guysLooks like a need the drives to be the same though...

pcmaster, Nov 12, 9:53am
Capacity shouldnt matter the type on the other hand will.

namtak, Nov 12, 10:21am
October issue of PC User magazine has coughed up a version of their PC User OS for servers. Based on Ubuntu 8.04. Free so can't hurt to try it.

jay_jwlh, Nov 12, 10:50am
NAS Have you considered Network Attached Storage? Of course that might limit the amount of drives you can attach, it can do a good job. They support RAID, and can do a couple of other useful tasks.

lostdude, Nov 12, 11:01am
Why software raid? Most newer MBs have onboard hardware RAID controllers and as stated, capacity doesn't matter. They just have to be the same model. Another alternative is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) which is basically an external drive (or drives) directly connected to your network. Problem is, they are a wee bit expensive atm. I'd suggest getting the cheapest (new) parts you can in terms of MB, CPU & RAM (research on their reliability beforehand). built-in RAID preferable but you can get PCI(e) RAID controllers also. Don't shortcut with the PSU. This will probably be where you invest the most, then 4 or even 6 identical SATA2 HDDs. I'd also suggest investing in a gigabit ethernet switch. Maybe an 8 port 100mbps + 1 1gbps port for the server only. You may consider using it as pure network server as opposed to only a file server also.

cybertao, Nov 12, 12:09pm
Yeah, that's the advantage of a serveryou can add things. I installed a torrent client on my crapbox. My next project is to have it download email from my pop accounts and store it in an imap. But I like to tinker, the average user won't have the patience.

flewy, Nov 12, 5:43pm
Use here on an old AMD system with FREE NAS has one 10GB hdd for the O/S and a little storage plus one 500GB HDD for movies and music etc, works brilliantly.

ilottl, Nov 12, 7:22pm
Thanks flewyWhat do you do for redundancyFreenas sounds great..

hasbeana, Nov 13, 6:08am
Ubuntu and samba woukd me ideal !!! go google "Ebox-Platform" can also act as a all round server. I use it at home and at some clients sites for DOMAIN login etc

lostdude, Nov 13, 6:12am
FreeNas supports Software RAID (0,1,5)

lostdude, Nov 13, 7:07am
This will suit you well. 8mins left though lol: 186682102

vtecintegra, Nov 13, 7:52am
14You'll probably be better off running a pair of large drives mirrored (i.e RAID 1) rather than bothering with a parity disk (RAID 5). 1TB drives pretty cheap these days, and you can always add another pair if you run out of space later.

charles.j, Nov 13, 8:20am
use freenas. Thats what i have here.. and i'm currently trying to set it up as an FTP i can use from other places too.. (i said "Trying" :P failing though)

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