How Does This Rack up as a gaming machine

oliverrobert, Nov 12, 9:07pm
How Does This Rack up as a gaming machine<br />

Is the graphics card a bit it good to play crysis and supreme commander on full with no lag thanks...........

P.S. how much is it worth.......(in ur opinion!)

got2bin2win, Nov 12, 9:14pm
To me Its worth what ever i can buy the individual components for wholesale at a guess no more than 1k.

cybertao, Nov 12, 9:26pm
The computer looks good it's the trader that might cause you problems.

kane199, Nov 13, 3:05am
The brand of the components can play a part had a Pailt 8600GT and a XFX 8600GT, both same memory sizes and specs, but the xfx was alot faster, he doesn't mention what board it's all on either, not bad for the price though.

lythande1, Nov 13, 3:36am
Avoid 1 yr warranty. CPU is 3 yrs for starters. Doesn't say what motherboard, doesn't say what PSU, and the graphics card is obsolete.

lostdude, Nov 13, 6:20am
Yeah, if possible, always ask for exact brand & model of the components before buying. Most of the cheaper brands don't last & have lower specs than the reference.

gibler, Nov 13, 7:05am
Looks suspect too many exclamation marks and uppercase characters.

yellowsubmarine, Nov 13, 7:12am
Rubbish computer all out of date

vtecintegra, Nov 13, 7:48am
It will be fine for Sup Comm (my mildly o/ced Athlon 4200+ with 7600Gt is sweet), but I dunno about more modern games. Either way, the 8800 is hardly top of the line now, but is by no means obsolete.

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