new vista pc and broardband Ahhh

sathan81, Mar 26, 2:27am
New vista pc and broardband Ahhh just brought new pc running vista yesterday, and ever since i have had prob's with vista. When i leave pc unactive for a while modem disconnects and i cant for the sake of it get internet back. then pc will show i am connected but page wont load. Please help! i have only every had windows ME, and so far this new windows is pissing me off lol

drcspy, Mar 26, 2:30am
Assuming yoru BB is connected thru the ethernet port right clik 'my computer' then goto properties then device manager....look down the list for 'network devices' then clik the + sign beside that then double clik the network device listed then goto power management tab and Untick 'allow the computer to turn off this device'.....then clik apply/ok etc....if your BB is connected thru usb then do the same but check the usb listings in device manager

swivel, Mar 26, 3:33am
Sathan81 Take it back to the shop. Tell them it's too advanced for you and buy a TV

_sexylady_, Mar 26, 3:38am
LOL Swivel Some of us regulars are beginning to sound very much the same as eachother, ya think somehow we need a break from things!

swivel, Mar 26, 3:40am
Yeah maybe back to TM tech. lol

maugrim, Mar 26, 3:50am
RE #4 I have noticed that this place hasn't changed at all over the last few years, it is still known as the place to go if you have nowhere else? why? because you can't just get an answer to a simple question without being reassured that you are the stupidest person on earth for having asked it.

_whatever, Mar 26, 3:56am
You can be reassured now!

maugrim, Mar 26, 4:02am
Such wit! amazing! my questions were rhetorical, so you're post makes no real sense. but you did try... so I'll give you 1 out of 10

oberkat, Mar 26, 4:08am
#1 Re your upgrade path. Might be comforting for you to know that, in some circles, Vista is known as WinME II. Maybe you'll begin feel more at home if you hang in there for a bit.

sathan81, Mar 26, 7:57am
SWIVEL if your such a F$%^n no it all why is it that you cant offer me any real advice, A. Smart ass

pcfix4u, Mar 26, 9:54am
Mums been watching now!! now!! children be nice or I will take your toys away as smacking is against the law ///

"sathan81" #1drcspy is on to it ////

if that dont work delete and reinstall drivers in device manager which is how I fixed the same prob on mine vista home pre

rowan11, Mar 26, 10:25am
I beg to differ I've seen swivel offer a lot of help to people on the messageboard Him and a few of the regular helpers on here are often on the money

paddaricko, Mar 26, 10:29am
Swivel & cspy have done a personality swap.

drcspy, Mar 26, 12:34pm
Who the F*ck is cspy ? .

puffydawg, Mar 26, 2:21pm
The other issue it could be is a setting in your broadband modem that tells the modem to only connect upon request and disconnect after a certain amount of time, the problem with that is ISP's in this country dont seem to handshake quick enough and that is why you get the cant find page, you can log into your router/modem and set the connection time out to stay connected and thensave the settings and you should not have this issue again. This may be the cause as i have seen it quite a few time before.

drcspy, Mar 26, 5:46pm
Nah it's the network card powersettings......... i've seen this happen a lot with new pc's

melpearce, Mar 26, 5:48pm
Pebcak? .

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