Problems installing printer

jojo76, Nov 14, 2:21am
Problems installing printer Ive a brother printer which ive been using for awhile now on my desktop computer (windows xp) and today decided to intall on my laptop (vista) and it is working printing fine, however its not in Ive uninstalled and re-insallted in 3 times now, checking carfully that when it asks for what language you what it in that i select 'english'. It only only appears in a foreign language when you get to the prefrences part eg selecting print quality, paper type etc. So any ideas as to what im doing wrong.

0800xford, Nov 14, 2:33am
you've installed the software or just the printer?

jojo76, Nov 14, 2:37am
Ive uninstalled the software and disconnected the printer

0800xford, Nov 14, 2:44am
go to the OEM site and download the vista drivers [eng] check your laptop manufacturers site to see if there are any known problems with it too. hard to help with NO model numbers...

macknife, Nov 17, 8:43pm
Mixing XP & Vista? Kia Ora Are you trying to print direct from your laptop to the printer or through your desktop to the printer?

savas1, Nov 17, 8:50pm
Uninstall driver only Uninstall the driver only and then turn on the printer, vista will ask you permission to find the driver, make sure the istall disc is in and let vista find the driver. It should instal the english version. I hope it works for you.

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