After a system restore I can't watch Youtube vids.

alimick, Nov 14, 9:28am
After a system restore I can't watch Youtube vids. It says, "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." I have attempted twice to download the flash player and apparently did it successfully, but still nothing. What is the Java thing and how do I turn it on? TIA

manifestdestiny, Nov 14, 9:45am
Umwhat browser are u using?

alimick, Nov 14, 9:48am
Browser...? Is that what firefox is? a browser? That is what I am using.

manifestdestiny, Nov 14, 10:03am
Okya i had the same issue with firefox a few weeks back didn't really know how to fix it kept trying and trying then it finally just worked. did it stop the instal saying that it needed to shut down firefox to continue with the installation?

manifestdestiny, Nov 14, 10:05am
every time that came up i just clicked on the firefox and clicked on try again and it worked not sure what the issue was but it now works.

gothicrebel, Nov 14, 10:48am
If you're using version 3 of Firefox anything is possible...

dunedin_ree, Nov 14, 10:59am
Can't remember the details but I thought the fix for this was to uninstall, download, and reinstall flash.

alimick, Nov 14, 6:48pm
Oh sorry for not replying I had to get to bed. OK will keep trying. Thanks for the help.

alimick, Nov 14, 6:49pm
Oh and yes, Manifestdestiny, it did keep telling me to close firefox.

ripeka123, Nov 14, 11:03pm
Try this Start, Run, then type C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash and run the FlashUtil9f.exe and update. Not sure if this will work but give it a go

soodanim, Nov 14, 11:25pm
Http:// ...

r.g.nixon, Nov 14, 11:27pm
No not java! Javascript is completely separate. You just set it enabled in your browser.

ms_rockchick, Nov 15, 1:21am
I have pretty much the same problem how do you set java to enabled in the browser? i have tried so many times today to install flash player and it does nothing. i even tried the permissions thing and i wasnt allowed that link to use due to lack of permissionsit stressing me out!! i also tried restoring to the 10th of november coz thats about when i last used youtube. please help?? dont know what else i can do

0800xford, Nov 15, 1:27am
go here - []

r.g.nixon, Nov 15, 1:30am
Youtube uses javascript, NOT java Go to, look for flashplayer. Choose the correct one, Firefox uses a different one to IE. Download & install it.

ms_rockchick, Nov 15, 1:43am
Thanks r.g.nixon i already did that about 15 times today. even did a search on my computer for javascripts to 'switch on' i feel like it just is not installing anything i try. like theres an installation problem in my pc

r.g.nixon, Nov 15, 1:51am
Have you tried this? In FF, Tools, Options, Privacy, Settings. Tick Cache & Cookies only. The go back and do "Clear now". Close FF, then start it again.

ms_rockchick, Nov 15, 2:02am
I have internet explorer not firefox. had a look and ticked a couple of things i thought might be relevant and still nothing..?? hope i dont have to pay someone heaps to fix it..

ms_rockchick, Nov 15, 2:05am
It says that i might need to click the active x control gold bar at the top of the page but there isnt ever one showing up, so i went to active x download page and still wouldnt even download that.

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