Looking at getting an ADSL2+ modem

Looking at getting an ADSL2+ modem i was looking at a linksys or Belkin modem. It doesn't matter about the amount of ports as it will be connected to a switch anyway. Any recommendations? As long as it can port forward im happy either way.

geek_charles.j, Nov 15, 9:17 pm

Thomson got the telecom thomson wireless adsl2+ modem fast speeds and good solid connection and can port forward

geek_gj0502, Nov 15, 9:19 pm

I'd go for the Linksys (if thats the only 2 your looking at) or try the Thomson 585v7 (not the V6)

geek_swivel, Nov 15, 9:19 pm

hmmi'll have a look at the Thomson modem. I'm open to anything really. as long as it is a good solid system

geek_charles.j, Nov 15, 9:20 pm

I've got one of these: 188051364 and I quite like it.

geek_snookim, Nov 15, 9:57 pm

Hmmm is it adsl2+? i'm really just looking for a solid system (wireless is just a bonus). At the moment i have a Dynalink Rta220 i think it is..(the number always escapes me). It's actually very good.. too bad it isn't adsl2+

geek_charles.j, Nov 15, 10:00 pm

Will it improves the speed? I am with Slingshot at FS download but my speed is ALWAYS below 2Mb.
Slingshot said the speed is due to the distance from my home to the station and depends on how many people is online at that time. In other words, the slow speed is what I have to accept. Does the change to modem adsl2+ and/or better filter improve my speed? I am on landline. Thank you.

geek_cking, Nov 17, 8:52 am