Best printer??

b.j.nichols, Nov 16, 2:25am
Best printer?? after a semi commercial inkjet printer with scanner and copier (multifunction). Just been looking around and see a Canon MP470 on special however the sales person said its crap, costs too much to run etc etc, she recommended the new Epson range. I have never liked Epson as they are slow etc. Any thoughts/ suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

cybertao, Nov 16, 2:30am
Don't get an all in one. .

got2bin2win, Nov 16, 3:29am
I would go the canon And that model prints cd's to i think i use that function more than paper these days.

gbbrot, Nov 16, 3:47am
Why go inkjet at all? Laser printers have far lower running costs. Also, do you really need a scanner? You can get lasers with scanners but the price soars.

b.j.nichols, Nov 16, 4:21am
Need colour and colour lazer cost heapsmore than inkjet. Need the copier/ scanner functions. I like the Canons but this sales person put me off in favour of Epson saying quality of print is far better and running cost far lower??

got2bin2win, Nov 16, 5:25am
# 5 don't believe any salesman as gospel Do your home work, read online reviews etc, don't buy one with tri color ink tanks, compare apples with apples as in have a look at the printers maximum dpi resolution 1400dpi is got to be better than say 900dpi, 1 pico litre ink jet is going to use half the ink as say a 2 pico litre ink jet there's more to it all than just a brand name & a few $ difference, and if you want to print photos more than any thing else your best to get a 7 ink printer for better color reproduction.

b.j.nichols, Nov 16, 6:50am
Its all too confusing!!!! I have looked on the net at various brands and models and really cant see much between them all. , yes a 1 picoliter jet will use half the ink however that is no indication that the printer will be more economical as there are twice as many jets in a 1 picoliter than a 2 picoliter. I guess there is no real conclusion, just buy one that you think looks good and is in your price range.

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