I have a new free wireless broadband kit

helenfs, Nov 16, 10:19pm
I have a new free wireless broadband kit from Telecom.This will replace a Netgear we have already.Do I need to change all the cords & plugs or can I just change one wireless box for the other?

jancemord, Nov 16, 10:23pm
Whats rong with the netgear one

badcam, Nov 16, 10:32pm
The netgear power cord won't work. What other cables will you need? The telephone one should be OK. Are you going to connect to it wirelessly? If so, then you won't need an ethernet cable (which is what I assume your other cable is).

badcam, Nov 16, 10:33pm
The most important part is setting up good security. You MUST use WPA2 security and a strong (more than 20 characters) password. You also need to change your routers admin password.

helenfs, Nov 16, 10:37pm
Nothing wrong with netgear Telecom assure me this one is better! I hope they are right! It is supposed to be faster etc.

badcam, Nov 16, 10:42pm
They probably mean that it's ADSL2+ compatible, and perhaps your old one isn't. Do you know if you have ADSL2+ Broadband?

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