whats a good Laser Printer

joe12, Nov 17, 3:03am
Whats a good Laser Printer Anyone know whats a good Laser Printer,not worried about colour just looking for black laser, trying to find out if there is a laser printer that will print off a big amount the last Brother printer I bought was ok but the max prints was around 3000 want somthing a bit more heavey juty 10-30,000 more the better prints for reasonable cost.& one that the toner reasonable cost to replace..thanks for any help

joe12, Nov 17, 5:23am
Hello! is there anyone out there

gibler, Nov 17, 5:30am
yes. Try a HP or Konica.

joe12, Nov 17, 5:34am
Your joking HP is bottom of the bottom I thought anyone had any that have proved to be reliable & print out 10,000-30,000 & what price range are they

gibler, Nov 17, 5:35am
yep .. some were doing well over 100 000 pages per year. Some of their cheaper models are junkish though.

joe12, Nov 17, 5:53am
Ok thanks that sounds good surely you don,t mean 100 000 per year per toner, how many print outs per toner you reckon.cheers

gibler, Nov 17, 5:58am
Toners did 10 K I think there are some 15 K toners for some models.

joe12, Nov 17, 6:03am
are you talking about the standed HP from somewhere like Noel leemings or I thought Havey Normans & places like that really sell mainly for light home use type thing, I had the idea to get printers with 100 000 print outs would be classed as commercial, & much bigger price, really looking for something that works like a commercial machine but not the commercial price:-)),thanks

gibler, Nov 17, 6:13am
I'm probably thinking of something in the $900 plus range to be fair. You get what you pay for.. but then the cheap printers tend to have smaller toners - which would cost more per page.

joe12, Nov 17, 6:18am
I saw a Lexmark Printer here on Trade Me under Commerical but I would never buy a second hand printer, have enough problems with a new one & not sure what Lexmark are like

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