logon to FTP server help please...

gerty, Nov 17, 6:31pm
Logon to FTP server help pleaseHello all. I've been asked to retrieve some files from an FTP server and I'm not sure how to go about it. I've been given a Server Address, a Username and a Password. Google tells me I need a Server Name (username.servername.com), which I don't have. Am I able to logon using just the deets I have? Thanks in advance.

rhys.m, Nov 17, 6:52pm
The Server Address you have is the same as the server name. Those details should be fine. Go download FileZilla FTP Client and use that to download the files.

gerty, Nov 17, 6:56pm
Thanks rhys when I use the server addy (ie ftp://222.etc.etc.etc.) I'm getting a 'you don't have permission' message. Does this mean they haven't set me up as a user? I thought I'd go to a username/password page, but I'm not getting that far.

gerty, Nov 17, 6:58pm
Good lord. I decided to try another browser, and got a completely different page (Index) but still no login prompts! Sigh.

rhys.m, Nov 17, 7:19pm
Don't bother with a browser. Just download FileZilla FTP Client http://filezilla-project.org/. You can use browser, you'll have to use the format ftp://username:password@servername/

gerty, Nov 17, 10:09pm
Hi Rhysthanks so much. Downloaded FileZilla and it was a breeze from there. Your help is much appreciated. Have a great day!

gerty, Nov 18, 7:22am
Just a bump for Rhys.

vtecintegra, Nov 18, 7:42am
If you do want to use your browser you can, you just need to append the username and pass to in front of the address - eg ftp://username:password@servername.net.nz/

gerty, Nov 18, 11:33pm
But does that work if I don't have a server name? Just got the number.

vtecintegra, Nov 19, 7:46am
Server name (if present) and number are interchangeable (indeed the name will look up to the number you actually need to connect to)

gerty, Nov 19, 8:48pm
Aha! The first time I tried that I put the .net.nz on the end and it didn't work (duh!). Just tried again and went straight in. Cheers vtecintegra, that's an even easier way to do it.

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