datoofairy, Nov 19, 9:08am
Torrents I would like recommendations for good torrent search engines please, and thank you :o)

0800xford, Nov 19, 9:11am

datoofairy, Nov 19, 9:15am
Of course I have Googled But Google does not give recommendations of sites they have tried and found to be good.

ellis123, Nov 19, 9:35am

hellfx, Nov 19, 10:11am
I'm surprised you haven't heard of the big boys of the torrent world....type TPB into google and click I'm fealing lucky...

paddaricko, Nov 19, 10:16am
Http:// is good if you can get in.

peg228, Nov 19, 10:48am
Lets ask Slyck

hayster94, Nov 19, 10:49am

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