vista compatible with office 2000

brijo, Nov 20, 1:40am
Vista compatible with office 2000 anyone else had problems,
word keeps hanging on close down and not responding .only happens when you save more information on a document.

baker-assoc, Nov 20, 3:41am
Office 2000 isnt compatible with Vista I don't think

pcfix4u, Nov 20, 4:29am
I have run office 2000 no probs,,, did you uninstall the demo office that came with it and wants your money, if not uninstall office 2007.

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 20, 6:29am
Not compatiable neither is office XP

swivel, Nov 20, 6:33am
Pyro_sniper2002 Bummer as I run Office for XP. Works fine

drcspy, Nov 20, 7:00am
Baker_assoc and pyro_sniper you're both inline for a dunces hat ! dumbasses. From the horses mouth so to speak : You lot should know better than to GUESS or state stuff that you haven't checked out yourself......duh !

pcmaster, Nov 20, 7:23am
You've been giving away lots of those dunces hats lately drcspymind you its pretty close to school holidays and the like againthat'd explain it.

drcspy, Nov 20, 7:28am
Yeh well i've got several to spare at the moment ;-)

rich011, Nov 20, 7:42am
Hey I still run office xp on win 2000 works fine actually this user has less issues than the win XP users

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