lcd monitor power adapter

Lcd monitor power adapter ...Neso LD530 LCD monitor. The writing beside the power plug socket reads...100~240V, 60/50Hz, 1A. But I see people selling 5A power adapters with this monitor listed. Does it use 5A better than 1A or would it blow up...? Which power adapter should I use with this monitor?

geek_olack, Nov 21, 9:57 am

The amperage figure is the max it can supply, if it requires 1A it will only draw that much

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 9:59 am

So the monitor needs only 1A of power? ...

geek_olack, Nov 21, 10:10 am

The 1A refers to the 230 VAC side of the supply. The output of the power supply is most likely direct current (DC) and will have a higher amperage due to lower voltage on output. Without knowing what the output voltage is then I cannot advise what supply to use.

geek_spyware, Nov 21, 10:17 am

You say the monitor will draw only 1A of power because that is all the power it will use. This does not sound right...could I safely use a power adapter that outputs 5A?

geek_olack, Nov 21, 10:18 am

Google returns 12 VDC 5A (60W) supply required. The 1A current rating refers to the 230 VAC side (input) of supply only.

geek_spyware, Nov 21, 10:20 am

Obviously the amperage on the AC side will be lower than the DC side because the AC input voltage is vastly greater. Volts x current = watts.

geek_spyware, Nov 21, 10:24 am

Thank you spyware, ...

geek_olack, Nov 21, 10:31 am

If the power plug reads AC input does that mean plugs straight into the wall power? I see the adapters that match the specifications of the googled adapter for this model have a single round power plug but this monitor has a 3 pin power plug socket. Trying to get to the Neso website is a bit tricky with the redirecting that goes on. I have to wait for email response from the Neso support. That redirecting to support and downloads that lead to search engines is rather frustrating ! It leads away from the manufacturers website.

geek_olack, Nov 21, 10:56 am

ACis your plug-in-wall, standard nz outlet. AC is 240v. If it was a battery or something to output would be DC, direct current opposite to alternating current. "if the power plug reads AC input does that mean plugs straight into the wall power? " so yes!

geek_pixma, Nov 21, 11:04 am

If the monitor Is rated at 1amp then that is all it will draw.The 1a rating can sometimes relate to the adaptor plug shape and size.IE A 5a could be used for 1a but not vice versa.

geek_gary06, Nov 21, 11:23 am

This monitor definitely have to use a power adapter, a 60W 12V 5A adapter spyware posted. I began looking for information at Neso but some redirect takes me to a search engine and you do not find Nesp theough the search engine...actually Neso is Neso Technologies Inc but once clicking support or products up comes the hacked redirection diversion...hate

geek_olack, Nov 21, 12:12 pm

I left a word and the question mark ...out of the post above......I was hoping someone would confirm the particular power adapter is vital for that monitor.

geek_olack, Nov 21, 12:19 pm

Just use any 12VDC adapter that can provide 4 or 5 amps, no big deal.

geek_poohy99, Nov 21, 12:53 pm