NM Index Store Server

aquarius2005, Mar 26, 11:08pm
NM Index Store Server Hi.
I have this slowing down my lenovo laptop XP Pro.
I looked it up here forums.techguy.org/multimedia/633891-nm-index-store-svr-exe.html
I downloaded the cleanpack and ran it to delete the conflicting driver that is attached to Nero ? but it keeps popping back. I only see it when I try to shut down and Im told its running, even if I havent been using Nero.
Any ideas ? Thanks.

mashuu_e, Mar 26, 11:26pm
Solution.. Load up Nero Scout (Somewhere like Nero/Tools/Scout in start menu) and untick the "Enable Nero Scout" box.

aquarius2005, Mar 26, 11:36pm
.... Many thanks mashuu_e, I just searched files and folders for scout and there it was, and unchecked it. Awesome.

guest, May 6, 1:30am
it works awesome also

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