acer laptop freezing- how can we fix it

Acer laptop freezing- how can we fix it our laptop keeps freezing. its even worse now that we have boardban. it this simple to fix

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 5:38 pm

please supply us with some more information, specifics help: under warranty, os, what are you doing when "it freezes", have you done anything drastic with/to it recently?

geek_0800xford, Nov 21, 5:44 pm

When it freezes we have to turn the laptop off It is still under warrenty but i didnt want to take it in if it was something we were doing wrong. We recently got telecom broadband with the free Mcfee security centre. Since then it crashes all the time. it has 1.5 gb of ram. i hope that makes sense, i dont know anything about computers

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 5:57 pm

did you remove your old antivirus or is mcafee the only one installed?

geek_0800xford, Nov 21, 6:03 pm

Any 'searchbars'? installed?

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 6:06 pm

Nothing else new has been installed we also have spyware docter, windows defender and i think nortons

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 6:13 pm

'i think nortons',please confirm, 'I think' doesn't work in here,

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 6:15 pm

specifics are what we need. what os too [again] if vista do you have sp1 it may not be compatible. [] there are far better AV options available and free.

geek_0800xford, Nov 21, 6:21 pm

Mines been freezing ALOT since they updated hotmail

geek_kelly188, Nov 21, 6:21 pm

I hope you don't have to 'take it in' Acers go to Sydney for repairs now.

geek_nzmu, Nov 21, 6:29 pm

You could put it in the Microwave-on defrost of course.

geek_deodar, Nov 21, 6:35 pm

Deodar the nortons would probably infect the microwave,..

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 6:36 pm

ha ha ha ha kevin16 =) which is worse nortons or mcafee, that poor laptop was doomed from first boot =s

geek_0800xford, Nov 21, 6:42 pm

Yes we do have nortons it came with the computer

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 6:54 pm

K, well nortons has to go, problem is, whether to uninstall maciffy first or not,..

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 7:06 pm

Ok so what do i install instead? do i keep the spyware docter?

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 7:10 pm

Kevin is right on the money with that one

geek_mrose3, Nov 21, 7:10 pm

An Acer, Nortons and Vista.. ...the new trinity!

geek_gibler, Nov 21, 7:21 pm

I'll make the call then was hoping 0800xford would do it but,......uninstall maciffy, then boot into safe mode and as admin, uninstall nortons, you may need a 'tool' for your version from the website but try the built in uninstaller first, run ccleaner, again in safe mode,.. restart and cross you fingers etc and see if it will boot into windows, if it doesn't turn to custard, see you back here?,..

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 7:24 pm

Ok i really dont know anything about laptops so what do you mean by "boot into safe mode"? i have uninstalled nortons and maafee and in the middle of downloading ccleaner. I just went to control panel and used the uninstall programoh and i am the admin so hopefully i have done it right

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 7:33 pm

Vista safe mode:

geek_gibler, Nov 21, 7:34 pm

Thanks gibler arie404 you also have to uninstall anything symantic or nortons, like the live updater, .. at this stage you only need to use the 'registry cleaner' part of ccleaner,...

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 7:40 pm

heh =) had a quick beer back now. so did norton and mcafee battle it out to the death?

geek_0800xford, Nov 21, 7:49 pm

Okso i have uninstalled both programs. whats a good antivirus software to have then? is avg any good?

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 9:06 pm

Pass on AVG probably the best(pay) is Nod32 from, freeware you have a choice avast, antivir, many others but I use avast,...

geek_kevin16, Nov 21, 9:51 pm

Oki only asked about avg as we used to have it on our own laptop. i will have a look at avast. thanks for all the help. since i removed those two things it hasnt crashed tonight.

geek_arie404, Nov 21, 10:11 pm

FORMAT! Format the laptop. Reinstall OS and your drivers. It will be like a brand new laptop again!

geek_shaze1, Nov 23, 10:52 am