Help!! How to connect a Dynalink ADSL Router??

2some, Nov 22, 6:17am
Help!! How to connect a Dynalink ADSL Router?? Hey we bought this router off TM but we just dont know how to configure it and get online? Can anyone help us out with this please?? Model RTA300W

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 6:20am
So it's an all in one device? first things first, plug it into your phone jack, plug an ether net cable into it and the other end into your computer. Then go to the config page (in the manual), log in and change the admin password. Then set up the settings as per your ISP, look in the old modem first for the settings. If it didn't come with a manual then download one first for reference.

original_fatman, Nov 22, 6:23am
Let me know how it goes. 1. plug small cable into phonebox on wall which plugs into a phone splitter. 2. plug the bigger cable into the back of your pc (will be obvious large black hole) 3. go to control panel under Network Connections and ensure that the IP function is set as "Obtain DNS/IP Auto. 3. Open the internet browser and put in: and when it asks you for password, put in "admin" and then follow the settings as per usual.

2some, Nov 22, 6:23am
Cool we'll give that a go thank you :)

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 6:27am
NoThat's not the correct address. It's (this is why I suggested reading the manual first).

2some, Nov 22, 6:42am
Arghh still dont know what we are doing, might have to leave it and try tomorrow

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 6:51am
Which bit are you having problems with?

2some, Nov 22, 6:55am
Just the whole thing seems really confusing to us with the whole IP thing and entering our username and password? what does that mean lol

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 7:01am
The is the "address" of the device on your local network. So you need to put that in your browser then use the username and password that was provided with the device in order to log into it, so you can then change the settings. Do you have the username/password - have you got a manual?

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 7:06am
Download this and start from p43. First of all, can you actually load successfully and log in, using the username and password "admin"?

drcspy, Nov 22, 7:08am
And of course.........have you signed up with some isp for a broadband connection ?

2some, Nov 22, 8:04am
Yep we are connected to broadband we got that dunedin, i guess we just cant really make sense of it all, we are all that savy when it comes to these things lol

deodar, Nov 22, 8:15am
thanks Fatman-copied that Just what I needed to know to set up this damn splitter to isolate alarms.

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 8:18am
2some I would suggest ringing your ISP and ask them to walk you through the set-up procedure, at least then you'll have the internet side of things configured.

2some, Nov 22, 8:59am
Yep we rung them but apparently they dont wanna help us as modem wasnt bought from them lol

dunedin_ree, Nov 22, 9:05am
OKbut you still need the settings from your ISP, which will be in your current ADSL modem (including some addresses, username, password, etc). Without those you're stuck.

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