Acer Aspire 3000

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:37am
Acer Aspire 3000 My son got a horrible virus on his Acer laptop, and nothing would remove it. Now it has started deleting his system files so windows won't even start up anymore, and you can't even get into safe mode. Is it possible to copy the operating system from another computer and burn it to a cd to use to load an operating system onto his laptop again as he has lost his recovery disks and we don't have a windows disk

0800xford, Nov 23, 8:41am
a computer shop/tech could reinstall windows for you, at a cost. how 'tech' is he [or you]?

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:44am
I am not that good I like to think I can do some things but am not really computer literate, I can do basics, and muddle my way through things that are slightly above basic but that is about it, but I am usually good a following instructions

0800xford, Nov 23, 8:48am
you could contact acer and see if they can get a recovery disc to you. check the acer site too. someone in here may even have the discs. but your local computer shop [not dse, HN etc] can install a copy of windows for you.

0800xford, Nov 23, 8:50am
you could always try an alternative operation system like - [ ]

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:50am
Thank you 0800xford I am not too keen on going to my local computer shop as they are overly expensive, but might see if I can find a tech somewhere. I did look on here to see if there were any recovery discs for sale but there isn't so will get some help with this one, again thank you

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:53am
I know nothing about ubuntu, although I did download it once when hubbys computer sh*t itself and that let me get that computer working again. I need a guru lol

dunedin_ree, Nov 23, 8:54am
Excuse the obvious question but did the laptop come with any restore disks?

0800xford, Nov 23, 8:55am
ok get this, you can buy a copy of xp pro the actual real life proper disc to own and re use as often as you need for about $170.

0800xford, Nov 23, 8:55am
DR :o

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:56am
Yes it did it came with 3 restore discs but he has moved more than once and he has searched everywhere and can't find them.

lostdude, Nov 23, 8:57am
Use a boot tool like hiren's boot cd to scan it. Or some kind of linux live build.

dunedin_ree, Nov 23, 8:57am
Oops Ok, I missed that. If you don't want to buy Xp I'd go with one of the earlier suggestions of contacting Acer and seeing if you can buy the restore disks off them.

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:57am
I have a copy of xp pro 2005 on my watchlist as I am thinking I should own one

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 8:59am
I will contact Acer and see if they can help me, if not I will try to get hold of someone who repairs computers, but not my local shop, and if no luck there I will buy a copy of windows, so expect me back here asking for advice on how to know which one to buy, thank you all for your help and advice

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:03am
what is the auction number?

dunedin_ree, Nov 23, 9:04am
Dvg keep in mind you will need to, at some point, hunt down all the drivers for the computer. If you're less comfortable with computers then obtaining a restore disk is an easier option, because it will contain all of these. But you're right in that an XP disk is a handy thing to have.

dvgbuild, Nov 23, 9:06am
Thanks dunedin_ree and the auction number is 189095524

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