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marleneg, Nov 23, 9:32am
I have a western digital external hard drive I have tried to google this problem and perhaps don't understand the answers I am getting but here goes.I have a pc with XP and a laptop with vista however if the external drive is plugged in to either when I start a computer it simply freezes until I unplug the external drive. why is this? I thought the computer would just start as normal.

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:35am
have you tried a different usb port or a different device?

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:36am
Different usb port yes...sorry....different device?

r.g.nixon, Nov 23, 9:40am
Device likeusb stick, camera, mp3 player - to see if the port is working

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:41am
flash drive, hub, router etc any other usb device. is it a powered drive or a small 2.5" drive.

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:43am
Yeseverything else seems to work fine tried..scanner, camera, printers and a stickit is just when the external driver is plugged in anywhere on either of the computers that the computer simply stops and won't continue until the external drive is unplugged and the computer then rebooted starts okay

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:43am
is it a powered drive or a small 2.5" drive? [again]

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:44am
All I can tell you sorry is it is western digital 160gig external hard drive.

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:44am
do you have to plug it in to a power socket?

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:45am
It goes into a power socket and into a usb port

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:46am
And I have shifted the power plug into another plug as well. but this is two computers in two totally different areas.

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:46am
is the power supply excessively hot?

lostdude, Nov 23, 9:47am
Maybe both PC's have usb boot enabled in bios AND/OR the external drive has a boot loader?

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:48am
Nothe plug doesn't feel hot...

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:50am
Lostdude - sorry even with google help that is a little bit beyond me...

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:51am
does it spin up when it gets power? can you feel it vibrating? and what's on it?

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:52am
can you plug it in AFTER you boot up?

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:53am
Yes it spins up when it gets power..what do you mean whats on it.internally photos, data files a bit of music - oh okay a lot of music....externally nothing.

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:54am
Yesno problem once the computer is up and running to plug the external drive in and use it fine...and can transfer files back and forth with no issues. it is just such a pain if I forget to unplug it.

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:55am
ok so there is no os installed [lostdude = bootloader] how about skim down this list again and make sure al the questions have been answered =)

0800xford, Nov 23, 9:56am
bios usb boot could be worth looking into.

marleneg, Nov 23, 9:59am
Yes I am quite confident that all questions answered - as I have said only one I did not understand - lostdude.so I need to try and investigate this area "bios usb boot" further?

marleneg, Nov 23, 10:02am
Well thank you people - I do appreciate your timemy head is about to blow off my shoulders any time nowmy sons say it should not affect your computers starting and it really is a pain if I forget to unplug it.but you have given me something else to research tomorrow....again thank you for your time.

0800xford, Nov 23, 10:02am
i would.

olack, Nov 23, 10:05am
Is the external drive configured as a master drive ...

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