Experiences with Acer Service Centre Sydney?

hombregordo, Nov 24, 5:59am
Experiences with Acer Service Centre Sydney? Has anyone else here ever sent an Acer brand computer to their Sydney Sercice Centre (apparently there is not one in NZ) to be repaired under warranty?

Is so, how long did it take to be returned to you, please?

Before I sent it (courier both ways is paid for by Acer) they promised me a 'ten business day turnaround period'.

But this is now the forth week, and my enquiries go unanswered.

Any experiences?

hbhana, Nov 24, 6:14am
SYDNEY!!!! what happened to their service agent in Auckland? I think they are called Datacom?

nzmu, Nov 24, 7:32am
Ring Ingram Micro and ask for their Acer Repair Escalation list. I just sent one today - better not take 4+ weeks.

guest, Jul 28, 12:49pm
I had an Acer laptop repaired in Sydney by Acer. It took weeks and when I got it back, the cd player was broken. Had to send it back to them and waith a few more weeks. No apology was given. They don't give a s***!

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