HP Deskjet F380 all-in one printer

disaway, Nov 24, 10:49pm
HP Deskjet F380 all-in one printer goes so slow takes 10 minutes to print average page. Running WinXP
Have updated HP and drivers and still goes at snails pace. What can I do aside from throw at wall.

r.g.nixon, Nov 24, 11:18pm
have a cup of tea?

crab2, Nov 25, 2:27am
Found this on the HP website regarding slow printing. I suggest you have a look at it and see if what they suggest doing helps you fix the problem

http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00093466&lc=en&dlc=&cc=us&rule=637&product<br />=1128296

disaway, Nov 25, 3:43am
Thanks crab All settings check and Ok, but still printing slow

snookim, Nov 25, 3:55am
Probably the print spooler slowing things down. In the printer properties (get there via Control Panel) tick the box that says "Print straight to Printer" or suchlike.

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