charles.j, Mar 27, 4:16am

malarky, Mar 27, 4:20am
Buy it. Dont they legaly have to give it to you at that price?

dougstringer, Mar 27, 4:25am
Buy a 1000 !

malarky, Mar 27, 4:27am
Done! LOL

charles.j, Mar 27, 4:30am
Haha i wonder what will happen.

charles.j, Mar 27, 4:30am
.... i was pricing out a computer for a friend and spotted that. looks like a good deal!

malarky, Mar 27, 4:32am
Cant beat that. Someone should ring and demand it. lol

charles.j, Mar 27, 4:38am
.... somehow i think their website might suddenly stop working

kdh1947, Mar 27, 4:46am
Lets see if they supply me one Just purchased for delivery price.
However their Terms and Conditions does cover them a bit. (Maybe)

logo, Mar 27, 4:46am
#2 No they don't have to sell it at that price The advertised price is legally only an invitation to treat. However you could get them under the Fair Trading Act if its deemed to be misleading but I doubt the Commerce Commission would make that ruling if its clearly a mistake.

phil_boy, Mar 27, 5:13am
It changed now! ... $84.54 for it now.

swivel, Mar 27, 5:20am
84.54 I sell them for $80 each lol

charles.j, Mar 27, 5:24am
.... why so dear.?

swivel, Mar 27, 5:25am
Well As a retail shop, I have overheads and Profit to make.

charles.j, Mar 27, 5:27am
.... yea but the rest are around $50-$60 lol

swivel, Mar 27, 5:43am
More around $60-$70 with P&P But they are an online store, Which should be heaps cheaper. If I sold it for say $60, Then i would only make $15 as they only cost me $45.24 (Including P&P). And with GST and Shop costs, it would make the sale not worth it. If I was an internet shop then i would sell for $50 as I wouldn't have all the over heads. Get what i'm on about now

smithjj, Mar 27, 5:48am
What was the price before it change? did it get changed it now says $84.54

swivel, Mar 27, 5:50am
I believe it was showing free

smithjj, Mar 27, 5:51am
Lol weird ohh well I hope someone got it for free LOL

tylosand, Mar 27, 6:35am
.... would be funny if you paid through credit card(if possible) and it just shows up as item paid for on their end and they end up shipping it

hdmovies, Mar 27, 7:17am
"The advertised price is legally only an invitation to treat". Not quite true, a price tag in a retail store is an invitation to treat. An advertised price on a website is an offer to sell. Once accepted by a buyer a contract is formed.

andrew1954, Mar 28, 6:54am
Enforceable !! #21 is correct, but no legal forum would force the sale, if it is plain, to any reasonable person, that the offered price was an error.. "brand new Ford Falcon price = $50.00".. it is plain to any reasonable person that is a mistake, (should have been $50,000).... but if it said $47,500 and then the seller said oops it is a mistake it should have been $48,500, then you could reasonaly expect to be able enforce the sale... the mistake is not obvious !!

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