Internet banking problems

linzis, Nov 25, 11:10pm
Internet banking problems In your experience, and if there are no problems with your Bank, what would cause pages on your internet banking slow to load, freeze, or pages come up blank?
Using broadband.
Website is not on favourites, have cleared cach & temp files.
Using Windows XP, can use IE & FF. FF is slightly better. AVG, windows firewall only. Ta

puddleduck00, Nov 25, 11:17pm
Your bank isn't ANZ by any chance is it?

r.g.nixon, Nov 25, 11:17pm
Check for malware AVG deals with viruses, not many trojans. Go to and get their free anti-malware program. After installing, click the Update tab and check for updates. Then restart you computer in "safe mode" (F8 while starting it up) and scan your computer with the Anti-malware program). Note: malware is just one possible cause of slowness.

0800xford, Nov 25, 11:25pm
national is slow as today. just tried anz, slow too.

julieandcasper, Nov 26, 4:14am
ANZ was also slow this morning. Heard the man cursing it, lol.

mez, Jun 8, 5:04am
Hi my pages freeze up when I try to action anything. I can look around at my accounts but that's it. I have done the browser stuff twice. I have windows 7 and have changed inter explorer to a blank hoe page

mez, Jun 8, 5:14am
I also have problems with printing statements from the anz site.
I don't have problems with any other site with freezing or printing.

guest, Aug 3, 12:37pm
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guest, Aug 7, 1:36am
Overall RatingCustomer ServiceOnline BankingFees and ChargesRatesSafetyGreat customer sericve, good range of everyday banking options. I am a single mother and their internet banking is very easy to use. Many branches in Sydney. Their fees and charges are on the high side though. For me, probably the best bank in Australia. So glad I don't have to deal with Westpac any more.

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