Has my printer passed away??

gr8kids21, Nov 27, 7:54am
Has my printer passed away?? I have an older model i450 Canon bubble jet/ink jet? printer. It has started printing with chunks missing. I have changed cartridges 3 times and removed and cleaned the bottom of the cartridge unit with warm soapy water but there has been no improvement. Is it time to say goodbye? Thanks.

intrade, Nov 27, 7:56am
How old is it and how expensive was it , as i refurbished my canon with a new printerhead and new ink for only 70 bux it was worth it as it is good and cheap on ink black is only12 bux a catridge.

gr8kids21, Nov 27, 8:17am
Intrade - it's 4 years old I purchased it off TM when my one (same model) died in February 2007. In my opinion these are great little printers and faster than those available these days and yes, the ink is a big plus as it is so economical. If it is the printerhead I would be keen to get it fixed just because I like it so much! Do you think that is what the problem is? I have heard of this printerhead thingy but have no idea what it actually is or whereabouts it is in the machine! Thanks again.

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