Laptop vs Desktop?

asgard, Nov 28, 9:14pm
Laptop vs Desktop? I have a behemoth of a desktop that does everything I needed to do on it, WHEN I bought it.

Now my computer requirements have slimmed down a little, and I just don't need that much grunt.

These days, the most hungry program I use is Adobe CS4so when my desktop is due to be replaced (I follow a 3 to 4 year cycle) I am seriously considering getting a laptop.

My last experience with a laptop wasn't that great. Broke down, had issues, was a pain to replace and/or fix. That was almost 8 years ago nowso am hoping things have changed!

What laptops would you recommend? Other than the graphics work that I do, some web work (all hand coding) I only really just check email and surf these days (and try conquer Mahjong Titans...)

r.g.nixon, Nov 28, 9:35pm
The only thing with laptops now isThey break down, have issues, are a pain to replace and/or fix. But they are cheaper and use less power than a desktop!

vtecintegra, Nov 28, 9:38pm
Dollar for dollar you will get much better performance from a desktop still. Also I find a desktop much, much more comfortable to use for long periods (although I guess you could get an external monitor and keyboard mouse for a laptop too)

asgard, Nov 28, 10:05pm
Thanks Guys (or is it girls!?)

I guess I had hoped to downgrade simply because the desktop takes up so much space too! Ah well..

So what about those new ASUS EEE laptops? If I have to keep the desktop, I may get one of those for portability :D

vtecintegra, Nov 28, 10:10pm
Thats the route I went (except I chose the Acer Aspire One, another 8.9" netbook). You might find a single mid spec notebook is fine for what you need though, in reality my Desktop is now mainly reserved for games.

nzmu, Nov 28, 10:11pm
Personally I would also stick with desktop, unless of course you have reason for needing portability. That would be the only reason I would consider a laptop. I urged my daughter to buy a laptop, she really only uses it for short internet connections and her photos and mp3 player. Hers is a Compaq and this month is 2yrs old, no problems at all.

asgard, Nov 28, 10:18pm
Portability yes It's a must since I do travel a bit, and it's nice having net access in those times between when I am not at work or at home! (yes, I'm a geek.) I also like the idea of not being tied to my desktop at homeif I want to sit out in the sun (under appropriate shade to protect the hardware of course!) I CAN'T right now.

nzmu, Nov 28, 10:25pm
Seems you have answered your own question then. You will probably move to Vista. Read a little on Vista experience rating here this will give you a little insight on performance ratings when you go shopping.

computer_repair, Nov 28, 10:26pm
Simple way to decide. Would I do a lot of my work on the desktop at home? Would I do more of my work on a laptop at home or away? Which ever one has the 'yes' answer is the answer to your question. The next factor to decide on then would be the specifications. Cheers

drcspy, Nov 28, 10:33pm
Laptops ARE more expensive to fix yep......they DO have that portahility tho which is a major advantage and theyr'e a LOT smaller than a desktop. Asus EEE ?.....personally nah they're too damn small in physical size and storage capacity and they need external optical drives etc. I'm using an Asus x50rl right now little toy I bought at dicksmiths........they're on sale now for $949 I think.......Its got vista home premium on it which runs very well I put in an extra 512mb ram for $20 ......I personally like Asus hardware they generally have an excellent reputation and they tend to build their own hardware unlike most other manufacturers who simply assemble a lot of components then stick their brand on it......Asus also give a 24month GLOBAL warranty on their laptops......

got2bin2win, Nov 28, 10:33pm
Buy a laptop keep the desktop The desk top is handy for storing files, downloading virus fixes when the laptop goes bad, in this day an age you almost need two computers one to help fix the other when it goes pear shaped. For what there worth second hand these days your better off to keep it for backing up etc.

vtecintegra, Nov 28, 10:37pm
there is something wrong if you are regularly having problems with any of your systems - I have not had any terminal failures hardware, software or otherwise in many, many years now on either XP or whatever Linux is flavour of the month.

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