4feit, Mar 27, 8:59am
ADSL vs ADSL2+ hi. just wondering if its worth getting a ADSL2+ modem over a plain old ADSL one. Is there much of a speed difference? or is it for future support etc. Im with xtra. and it goes through a wireless (b) to 2 PCs. how big is the price difference between the modems? am leaving NZ next year so only need one till end of year.

Thanks for your help. Steve

puddleduck00, Mar 27, 9:00am
I didn't even realise there were ADSL2+ plans out? Is anyone actually getting ADSL2+ speeds?

_sexylady_, Mar 27, 9:01am
In some cases the modems can be found at hte same price. IT depends on your phone exchange and WHEN telecom is going to upgrade your particular exchange to ADSL2.... may not be done before you move so no need to spend UNTILL you find out about the exchange

evoeater, Mar 27, 9:01am
I'd say all modems sold now are ADSL2+ There's no ADSL2+ plans in place, people are connecting to the DSLAM at ADSL2+ but there's no ADSL2+ profile so there's no speeds. If you're leaving next year then don't bother

4feit, Mar 27, 9:02am
K... cool thanks. it probably would be a new exchange cos I live in a dense area. but knowing telecom...

_sexylady_, Mar 27, 9:04am
Knowing telecom who don't know the meaning of logic, you will be the last to be upgraded lol

blue_meanie, Mar 27, 10:00am
12500Kb/s Is the speed we get with ADSL2+ we live 1.3KM (in a straight line) from the exchange. You would pretty much have to right next door to the exchange to get the 24000Kb/s speed its supposedly capable of.

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