Epson Stylus Printer TX100

rainrain1, Nov 29, 7:18pm
Epson Stylus Printer TX100 All-in-one. I am not happy with the colour of the photo print outs they are too dull, yet I cannot find a solution with instruction manual. Can anyone help pls?

intrade, Nov 29, 7:56pm
Um do you actuarly use the propper hi gloss printing paper.???

rainrain1, Nov 29, 10:46pm
Um let me see um yes i do

windsinger, Nov 30, 11:11am
These printers are currently $59 at DSE with 4 inks and a $20 cashback. It won't print like a high end printer

graw3, Nov 30, 11:47am
DSE Are you using the 73 set or 91 set, 91 set is economy and doesn't have good quality on photos, you have to get 73 set for good quality.I think its 91 that comes in the box as samples. I can say that printer is really good, and has very good photo printing capabilities.

rainrain1, Dec 2, 2:18am
What a load of codswallop wingsinger I have always been able to print top quality photos, and intend doing the same with this new printer just as soon as I get it sorted out.

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