Access to Laptop

cowcop, Nov 29, 10:15pm
Access to Laptop I have a Toshiba Satelite Laptop from my Brothers Estate, the problem is trying to access but do not no the PIN. Have taken it to a couple of authorised technicians they removed/replace batteries hopeing to reset it. Any Bright Idea's?

swivel, Nov 29, 10:21pm
If it's a Boot Password Take it to a Registered Toshiba Tech, If it's a User Password (E.G. OS) then any Good tech should remove it.

hellfx, Nov 29, 10:25pm
If its a windows password and you cant access a admin account then you'll have to brute force it by dumping the sam file and cracking the hash using tools like lophtcrack but any techie that knows a thing or two can remove the password

hellfx, Nov 29, 10:26pm
But my idea is only anygood if you want to see the password, otherwise like said just take it to a techie

hakatere1, Nov 29, 10:38pm
If it's a bios password, here: If it's a windows password, d/l and run this: Most techs should know this.

got2bin2win, Nov 29, 10:54pm
What model is it satellite ?? If its a power on pass word not hard to clear, if it has a hdd pass word that's a lot more involved.

cowcop, Nov 29, 11:50pm
Access to Laptop Thanks a lot for the advice, yeah i thort technicians r the Pros. everytime i switch it on thats the first thing that pops up? PASSWORD

mechnificent, Nov 30, 12:40am
Not everyone that charges money is a pro. That's an easy job what ever sort of password it isfind another tech.

wogadopolous, Nov 30, 12:59am
Toshi Satellites use a high strength encryption They used to advertise it as a military grade bios level protection. Places like The Laptop Company (or another certified Toshiba service agent) will be able to assist breaking it open.

mechnificent, Nov 30, 1:04am
Pa, I have and fix toshibas and they are no different to any other computer with a password on them. We can wipe the password mechanicaly or with software, or hack it and replace it or read it.

got2bin2win, Nov 30, 2:19am
Well if you gave us what model it was.. I would of told you how easy it is to remove the password, I have done lots of Toshiba's.

mechnificent, Nov 30, 2:26am
Yup, even late model laptops with bios password can by circumvented in a few steps.

cowcop, Dec 1, 9:16am
Access to Laptop Hi got2bin2win im gonna pick it up and will let u no the model

gyrogearloose, Dec 1, 9:34am
Toshiba's - you make a "key" diskette using a hex editor, this is easier than the hardware dongle method. But your model might be different...

bmill, Dec 1, 9:43am
Depending on model A lot of earlier model Toshiba's can have the password wiped by a simple device that plugs into the printer port.I have one and it is very easy to do takes 1 Minute.depends on Model

shands, Dec 2, 3:24am
Passwords are wiped by using a dongle. I made one up from instructions from the net. Use Google. Its all over in about 20 seconds and works great.

got2bin2win, Dec 2, 3:39am
that method only works if the lap top has the serial plug, most later models don't have one or a floppy drive.

olack, Dec 2, 6:41am
What about that cd I downloaded that cracks passwords from boot...pmsio.

got2bin2win, Dec 2, 6:47am
hasn't got to the boot stage yet its the power on password.

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