new thomson wireless adsl2

New thomson wireless adsl2 hi has any got the new Thomson wireless 4 port router from telecom. I am having troubles with it dropping off. It shuts it self down and resets it's self. I keep losing the wireless signal to the laptop.have been in touch with telecom . had slingshot pouter before this never missed a beat. any ideas. playing xbox makes it happen more.

geek_minm1, Nov 30, 10:22 pm

Your problem is that it's a ...Thomson wireless 4 port router from telecom

geek_sudsy99, Nov 30, 10:23 pm

Maybe its faulty as ive not had any problems with mine

geek_mrose3, Nov 30, 11:01 pm

I agree with 1 It's a Tcom modem
2 it is EASY AS to hack the "secure" wireless on this modem

Perhaps you should use your old slingshot modem and use the Thompson only as a back up?

geek_resolutionx, Nov 30, 11:15 pm

FFS # 2 & Frick OFF, (blimin numnuts/morons)

geek_mrfxit, Dec 1, 7:59 am

TC has had a main server crash in Auckland Effecting a large amount of services, also TC are in the middle of a huge upgrade prg concerning cellh's AND internet services/cabinants etc .. PLUS the recent mix of blimin hot weather /humidity & rain causes all sorts of connection problems to surface.

geek_mrfxit, Dec 1, 8:03 am

Std test is to Disconnect ALL other devices from your phone jacks getting the house down to JUST the BB modem (On Cable connection to the net). Run that & note down what happens. IF at that point it STILL fails, THEN contact the Tc BB help desk & explain whats going on & what you have done to isolate the problem

geek_mrfxit, Dec 1, 8:08 am

Minm1 If everything is ok after isolating the BB modem, then proceed to reconnect a SINGLE device (ph or xbox or fax etc) at a time & test each NEW addition till something causes the problems you are describing. After that it's back to the Tc BB helpdesk with your results or replace whatever it is that appears to have caused the problem . . This is the std type testing procedure that ALL internet help desks will (or should) be asking you to do.

geek_mrfxit, Dec 1, 8:13 am

and What a Stupid thing to say. Nothing wrong with the Thomson (and Not easy to hack), mffxit has good ideas above.

geek_swivel, Dec 1, 8:27 am

LOL better than idea's It's the std type testing procedure used by most internet line techs. (isolate /test, THEN add devices 1 by 1 testing the system EACH time untill something falls over.)

geek_mrfxit, Dec 1, 8:36 am

Mrfxit is right it is the standard procedure we use and it is the correct way to do it, and its so very simple

geek_bugdy, Dec 1, 5:35 pm