mozilla thunderbird reset

jellabie, Mar 27, 6:41pm
Mozilla help Hi everyone, I just tried to open mozilla thunderbird as per usual but its reset itself, it tells me I have to set up an account.. but I cant remember the names of the ingoing and outgoing servers, we have a wirelss router, have broadband and are with xtra, all I remember is the pop bit. I cant remember what ones are relevent.

savagehurricane, Mar 27, 6:48pm ummm... easier to look it up on the xtra website:,,4150-7814388,00.html

jellabie, Mar 27, 7:28pm
Thanks I didnt think of the flaming obvious!

jellabie, Mar 27, 9:07pm
Thanks savage I've got it recieving emails but it wont let me send any.

smyrnia, Mar 27, 9:14pm
Hi... Check to see that it is allowed in your fire wall. If it has just updated the new version will be blocked.

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