DVD+RW into Vista Help needed

alston, Dec 1, 6:18pm
DVD+RW into Vista Help needed How can I get the video on a dvd+RW into the computer so I can get it into Movie maker I have 4 books ,none of which are of any help. Nero keeps coming up There must be an easy way.

r.g.nixon, Dec 1, 7:25pm
what filetype, VOB?

alston, Dec 2, 4:00am
I have no idea what file type. It is a DVD from a camcorder that records to DVD

deodar, Dec 2, 4:12am
That's SOB

deodar, Dec 2, 4:14am
Stuff the books into The DVD Gets Rid of Nero.,it can't handle hard copy.

alston, Dec 2, 4:46am
And then what do I do

johnlyn, Dec 2, 4:50am
Re write the hard copy

alston, Dec 2, 4:55am
Hard copy? I'm sorry I'm lost

0800xford, Dec 2, 5:04am
when the disc is in the drive right click on it and choose "explore" to see what's in it and drag the files off. nero opens because it's the default program for whatever files are on the disc and it autoplays it. this can all be changed.

alston, Dec 2, 5:10am
Ok dvd in the drive have clicked on computer. Right click ..explore which brings up the files

0800xford, Dec 2, 5:12am
so there you go then. drag them into your computer. then you need to find an app that can 'edit' them. so what is on the disc?

alston, Dec 2, 5:22am
Movies taken in the US and Canada Have nine of them!! Trying my hand at using movie maker

alston, Dec 2, 5:25am
Have done that but no joy? .

0800xford, Dec 2, 5:25am
i meant content type also what model camera is it? surprisingly most of us will google the info you give us. you could try it too.

alston, Dec 2, 5:32am
Sony DCR-DVD608 My better half used to do all this but passed away recently so I've a lot to learn. Google of course,use it with out thinking twice but not on this occasion!

johnlyn, Dec 2, 6:04am
Have you tried opening movie maker then import video from the dvd?

alston, Dec 2, 6:40am
Yes I have. I must be missing something. Have been cruising the microsoft site but that was no help whatsoever. I can't use the camera to directly down load it because I have no idea where the leads are barring a heap of wires etc in a draw. the camera also needs charging, no obvious charger yet

0800xford, Dec 2, 6:56am
you need someone in manukau who is 'tech' to lend a hand =)

alston, Dec 2, 6:59am
It's starting to look like it:) I'll work it out somethings just take a little bit longer. It's a little frustrating ,to say the least . Thanks for all your help

0800xford, Dec 2, 7:00am
you may get a random manukau-ian [?!] in here who may offer.

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