Word file to jpeg via paint

tabitha, Dec 2, 1:12am
Word file to jpeg via paint I have been doing this so my notes can be viewed with photos on digital photo frame. Problem - when word file is more than half A4 size, Paint says to increase page size. All I can find is zoom, which increases page AND increases font size. Any ideas?

0800xford, Dec 2, 1:24am
word - pdf - jpg perhaps

r.g.nixon, Dec 2, 1:26am
IrfanView 4.2 (if on XP) has tools via F12

little_egypt, Dec 2, 1:29am
How about just open the picture in paint, use paint's text tool to add notes to it, then save it again?

tabitha, Dec 2, 1:40am
Thanks, I may not have been clear. I'm puting the notes as a photo (jpeg) so they come up on foto frame which can't handle text. Um, pdf? could you add details please.

tabitha, Dec 2, 1:41am
Sorry, number 3, not 4

0800xford, Dec 2, 1:50am
if you save the text file as pdf then save [convert] that to jpg it splits it into pages, at least it did when i did.

0800xford, Dec 2, 1:51am
Isthisitthisisn'titisit typo - it did when i did *it*.

tabitha, Dec 2, 2:02am
Sounding good 0800xford but I don't know how to save text to pdf (don't even know what it is) Sorry.

0800xford, Dec 2, 2:07am
i used open office. what word processing apps do you have?

tabitha, Dec 2, 2:13am
Just microsoft office word cant find any options

0800xford, Dec 2, 2:28am
have you tried the other suggestions above?

tabitha, Dec 2, 2:40am
Will download IrfanView Thank you for your help

0800xford, Dec 2, 2:41am
grab the 'irfanview plugins' while you are at the site too.

johnlyn, Dec 2, 3:59am
Do a print screen and open it in paint then save it as a jpeg

r.g.nixon, Dec 2, 5:11am
In Irfanview, do Image, Add Canvas (this adds a rectangle at the bottom edge, or any edges of the image to add text onto)

tabitha, Dec 3, 4:13am
Many thanks appreciate the help

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