What is the Fastest wireless Adapter.

lizards-13, Dec 2, 5:33am
What is the Fastest wireless Adapter. Hi im currently using a D-link DWL-G122 wireless adapter to get broadband on my upstairs computer.
It runs at up to 54Mbps, there are ones that run faster than this. would there be any point in getting a faster one??

swivel, Dec 2, 5:50am
No point really at this point, As whats your Internet speed ?? www.speedtest.net

lizards-13, Dec 2, 6:02am
OkDownload 1955Kbps Upload 134Kbps

swivel, Dec 2, 6:13am
Yep 1.955Mbps So then the faster to that (as some wireless will do 108, You wouldn't notice it

lizards-13, Dec 2, 6:21am
Ok cool Thanks

acura, Dec 2, 6:54am
I be a bit weary of speedtest.net over wireless - seems to be stuck on the 2M down though i know my wired connection close to 4 time that and network traffic over wireless is way faster than that. Only reason to go to a faster wireless protocol is purely for networking purposes - if you are transfering lots of files over wireless than tis usefull, otherwise no point.

johnf_456, Dec 2, 7:05am
you would only notice a difference if you transferred a lot of files around between pc's. But if your using the net i wouldn't bother.

lizards-13, Dec 2, 7:13am
Tryed it with my other computer Got similar results. I was Just wondering if having a faster Adapter would make any difference to online games such as Call of Duty 4 amd 5 and brothers in arms

acura, Dec 2, 7:25am
nope you probably more inetersted in ping times more than anything else (asuuming the game you are playing isn't maxing out your download-upload speeds - very likely)this is unaffected by the type of network you are using. Now i did hear something about interleave at the adsl exchange itself but that's unknown teritory to me.

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