Anyone use a 2Wire

swivel, Dec 2, 7:20am
Anyone use a 2Wire Modem. Model 2701HGV-W. Been having fun with the settings. Just some feedback if you use one

osymandias, Dec 2, 12:11pm
They have very good range, But the firmware is locked to telecom, and telecom disabled the two voip ports - bastards. There are open firmwares on the net for older models thatenable all the features telecom hid. Unfortunately no one leaked one for the current ones. If anyone who works for telecom wants to leak the recovery firmware to rapidshare, you will strike a small blow for freedom.

swivel, Dec 2, 7:22pm
Had fun with it lastnight I used voip on it as well, I did read about the models in 2007 and early 2008 had that, But cant find info on this model (only older ones with the same code).

poohy99, Dec 2, 9:21pm
I have an AT&T branded 2701HG-B which works great but I don't use it now as there is no built-in DDNS client, nor can get remote admin to work.

sirfer, Dec 2, 9:48pm
I only use a 2chan

osymandias, Dec 2, 10:46pm
@4, what I mean by voip is that there are two sockets (hidden by plastic) where you can plug in your phone, and it will act as an IP - analogue adapter. That's what the scuttlebutt on the net says anyhow.

osymandias, Dec 2, 10:47pm
Sorry that was supposed to be @3 my bad

swivel, Dec 3, 12:51am
So back to original Question Has anyone got one and what do they think of it.

osymandias, Dec 3, 1:04am
Having used mine as AP only, can't comment on the WAN/BB side of things. Exceptional range and signal quality. Crapy telecom firmware only has pretty basic features. This is not the router's fault, other ISPs offer them with a much richer set. So: very nice, crippled by Telecom.

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