Help Windows cannot access

Help Windows cannot access the specified path, device or file. What does this mean and how can I get around it? I am trying to install a program that I downloaded TIA :-)

geek_hartbrake, Mar 28, 11:54 am

I am bumping because Im desperate. I have tutorials to do and cant untill I have this program sorted out.

geek_hartbrake, Mar 28, 12:17 pm

Something wrong with the name of the file maybe..Check where you got it and compare the one you have to the original.

geek_helpless, Mar 28, 12:19 pm

Hi... whats the program and what operating system & firewall and antivirus

geek_pcfix4u, Mar 28, 3:09 pm

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back My father in law put a spade through the phone line lol.... I am trying to install psp x2 on to vista. I have the trial version working fine. Just have windows firewall and avg. I downloaded a zip file (well quite a few different ones) but can only get it to unzip not install. Also get a thing coming upo telling me it has a worm but when I remove it the whole file disapears :-)

geek_hartbrake, Mar 30, 2:05 pm

You might have downloaded a malware program. what is the program your tring to install?

geek_pc_nut, Mar 30, 2:20 pm

Photoshop pro x2 thanks

geek_hartbrake, Mar 30, 2:24 pm

Where did you download? foto shop is not a free download and if you downloaded off a P2P or torrent etc i wouldn't trust anything you download off there especially under 1 meg downloads

geek_pc_nut, Mar 30, 2:36 pm

Hi... Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 or Photoshop, they're different animals. Sounds as though you have downloaded a torrent or similar with an infected setup. When you remove the worm it brakes the install file. Theres ways round that including use a credit card ;)

geek_smyrnia, Mar 30, 2:48 pm