Mac-compatible Laser printer - advice needed

davidt4, Dec 3, 1:50am
Mac-compatible Laser printer - advice needed We have an iMac and a MacBook, both using Leopard. My little HP1020 that I have used with a PC isn't fully compatible (can't use economode, can't store more than one document in memory). Can anyone recommend a small laser printer that is fully compatible with Macs and also has a default economy setting ?

plug33, Dec 3, 3:04am
Google HP 1020 Mac and you will find many people have found the same solution which is to download the 1022 series drivers.
e.g. Wiki- . However, HP do not support doing this, although it works.

gibler, Dec 3, 3:22am
Hmmm I find this particular model even a bit odd on the PC. It sometimes fails when printing PDFs. Very odd that HP don't have a OS X driver for this particular model. Here is a list of HP's Leopard supported printers I have to say I have had to resort to opensource drivers for a few other HP models with leopard as their own drivers sucked at the time that they crashed.

davidt4, Dec 3, 3:38am
Printer Thanks for both responses. I tried quite hard to instal the proper drivers but had no success. It's only a cheap little printer and I think I'll just replace it when the present cartridge runs out (which won't be long now that I can't use economode).

morrisman1, Dec 3, 3:44am
Ive got a brother HL-2040 and leopard. i havnt found any issues with it whatsoever. cost me $150 a year ago. still on original toner cartridge

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