Why wont Zone Alarm work with Vista??

apollo77, Dec 3, 8:09pm
Why wont Zone Alarm work with Vista?? Got this new lappy and had Mcafee on it.. so ditched that and wanted Zone Alarm.. but cant get it to install as Vista says its incompatible.. whats up with that.. Am running Antivir, Spyware Terminator, C/Cleaner Spybot, Adaware.. and the original windows defender.. Cheers for any help .. Kev

intrade, Dec 3, 8:16pm
Do you got vista64? and if its zonalarm free version then its a pile of rubish anyhow only the professional be any good from za. use comodo instead for vista if you need a netter one or outpost or something....

pixma, Dec 3, 8:16pm
make sure you download the *vista* version: http://www.download.com/ZoneAlarm-Windows-Vista-/3000-10435_4-10710112.html

apollo77, Dec 3, 8:31pm
Zone alarm is rubbish?? not heard that before.. Thought it would be a good addition to the libary of anti virus I have on my comp have used it for years.. and never had a virus issue.. EVER..
and has blocked thousands of back door attempts .. so why is it rubbish?? Cheers K

pcfix4u, Dec 3, 8:41pm
Apollo77 did you run it as administrator?? If it was my system I would disable Windows defender, you have to disable the services. Get rid of terminator and adaware. And run Avir or avast with spybot and malwarebytes, and enable an administrator account. Zonealarm worked fine on my Vista Home Pre but Comodo blue screened it.

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