Printer Problems?

janeysue1, Dec 4, 1:15am
Printer Problems? I am trying to print addresses on envelopes with a HP officejet 5610.
It keeps on smudging. I've cleaned the bottom of the cartridges. Has anyone any idea what to do? Its not smudging on normal paper. Thanks

smithcraig, Dec 4, 1:24am
Not 100% but when I did the same thing on my printer I had to adjust the paper thickness lever. Not sure if you have one on your printer tho!

smithcraig, Dec 4, 1:32am
Also what envelopes are you printing on?? shiny or embossed envelopes?? make sure you have your the correct settings for your envelope and then set the print quality from low to high to the envelope gets pulled through the printer slower

smithcraig, Dec 4, 1:33am
Lol I'm having a bad day. Not much of that makes sense! You should get the gist tho!

janeysue1, Dec 4, 1:50am
Thanks smithcraig!!! Its working now. Thanks so much for your advice.

smithcraig, Dec 4, 1:55am
Your welcome .

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