mp3 1GB how many songs

lisb, Dec 5, 12:23am
Mp3 1GB how many songs about will this hold?Thanks

soodanim, Dec 5, 12:24am
Depends on the file size of each song...if you work on about 4MB per song then you can get about 250 songs

sirfer, Dec 5, 12:25am
How big is a "song"? Are we talking Dead Kennedys "I like short songs" or Michael Jackson's "Thriller"?...generally 3.5-4MB so ~250 odd in *my* estimation, taking 1GB as 1000MB and 1MB as 1000kB....

lisb, Dec 5, 12:26am
Around 200 to 250 than?Thanks

drcspy, Dec 5, 12:37am
Mp3's are approx 1minute per mb...and theres 1000 mb per gigabyte.....

gyrogearloose, Dec 5, 1:07am
Make sure the MP3's are inside a folder on the MP3 player, otherwise they will be in the root folder and you will get an error message saying the disk is full after only about 160 songs.

lisb, Dec 5, 1:17am
Okso I need to make a folder to put them in,will have to read the book for that I am new to this stuff it's for my son for xmas thought I would load a few on for when he first gets it.Thanks

0800xford, Dec 5, 1:26am
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mone, Dec 5, 1:49am
Re: Forget about it 1gb is nothing, you will get sick of playing the same songs after 2 days. Youre looking at at least 4gb, so you dont have to keep reloading new songs every 2 days.

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