Intel CPU

thorkola, Dec 5, 2:16am
Intel CPU On Intel website, I notice that the CPU's for Chinese market are specifically identified as such. Are they internally different from the same model of CPU supplied to Western markets? I ask, because more and more computer retailers in NZ are Chinese, and I wonder if they import their CPU components from China for sale here, and there is a fundamental difference that we should be aware of?

asmawa1, Dec 5, 2:21am
Its to implant the required 'bug' for Chinese internet censorship.

kane199, Dec 5, 2:39am
Does that mean we get the bug and censorship too?

thorkola, Dec 5, 2:41am
Errrmmm..For real?

themunt, Dec 5, 2:43am
Yeah but because Stelen is now gone from power, no-one except the Chinese authorities will know what youre up to.

thorkola, Dec 5, 2:58am
So in all seriousnessIf you put a genuine Intel CPU in a NZ computer used in NZ, but the CPU was sourced (by the Chinese computer shop in NZ) from the Chinese marketplace (in China), the danger is........what, exactly?

themunt, Dec 5, 3:03am
Just watch out for an Asian wearing red, coming up your driveway.

asmawa1, Dec 5, 3:05am
You beat me to it (themunt) But it would be helpful if poster provided a link to the i nformation they are referring to.

themunt, Dec 5, 3:08am
Great call tho very clever

0800xford, Dec 5, 3:10am
sensor chip

thorkola, Dec 5, 3:42am
OK Under the block diagram, 1/3 way down the web page, under heading 'processor ordering information'. First item in the list of 3, with ref BXC80569Q9450

asmawa1, Dec 5, 3:58am
The specs are identical At a guess I would suggest that it is just a packaging/language point of difference - or maybe protectionist pricing. Cant see anything to be concerned about.

thorkola, Dec 5, 4:12am
Right, thanks! Just don't want commie data hordes invading my pc when I'm not lookin' !

themunt, Dec 5, 4:21am
My mate lives in China, near Mongolia He has 10x the speed I do, and Im on cable, and he has not noticed an censorship.

pcfix4u, Dec 5, 4:32am
One luv one heart

asmawa1, Dec 5, 6:33am
On a software basis This is quite ironic

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