Canon printer service

portly, Mar 28, 2:46am
Canon printer service Took my printer in for a general checkup and ink blockage problem at 8.30am this morning. Got it back at 12:30pm everything done, new pump, used ink resevoir, straightend and cleaned. This included 3 very polite phone calls to check back with me on what I wanted to be done, when problems diagnosed. Can`t say enough about the excellent service this company provided and all at what I consider a reasonable price. The only other company that I`ve ever got this true `service` from are my Mower service people.

kdh1947, Mar 28, 2:48am
Tell us who did your work So many brickbats / complaints on here normally so a good report could well be what some people would like to see.

portly, Mar 28, 5:46am
T`was The Canon Co. people The Auckland printer centre in 120 Carbine Rd Mt Wellington, a lovely chap called Bobby

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