Acer Aspire One Netbook - Seashell White 120GB

deanfreeman, Dec 5, 3:55am
Acer Aspire One Netbook - Seashell White 120GB hi looking at getting one of theese are theese upgradable for like RAM and and so on, and also hence not having a cd thingy can you get ones that you plug in via usb etc??

lythande1, Dec 5, 4:27am
Dont Acer are the worst computers in the universe.

vtecintegra, Dec 5, 5:59am
I have an Aspire One (the 120GB XP Home model you are looking at) and so far so good. Better built than the 70x and 90x Eee, and cheaper for the specs too. One caveat is battery life isn't wonderful, the battery supplied is half the size of the Asus ones.

sirfer, Dec 5, 6:05am
Aw c'mon surely the computer the aliens had in "Independence Day" is the worst one ever, I mean it got hacked by Will Smith with an apple!

deanfreeman, Dec 5, 6:25am
How about this Sony VGNNS15GS

graw3, Dec 5, 6:40am
Get the HP mini, same price as Acer One and Asus EEE 900. HP finally came out with a much larger keyboard than the acer and Asus. Much like an actualy laptop keyboard, + G9300m gpu + Wireless N,

deanfreeman, Dec 5, 9:46am
Nah its dearer and got less features such as the usb slots and mem card readers and ram etc to dear but who needs a big keyboard i dont have fat fingers so it dusnt really matter

stormbaby, Dec 5, 9:49am
Well we have Acer's here, and I have bought one from my computer guy for my youngest for Christmas. Its pink. Wish it was mine, cute as a button. I too didn't think much of Acer's, but my eldest has one and it gets a thrashing and has done perfectly ok. It gets taken on long trips for watching CD's on, and I just upgraded to one from my standard PC. They have a year warranty, same as everything else, plus a 2 hour turnaround here in Chch for repairs, and at the price are good value. I had no problem getting the cash backs on all of them too.

dunedin_ree, Dec 5, 10:52am
Vtec how long does the battery last under real world conditions? I've ordered one (to use during 5 weeks of travelling). Wasn't planning on using it on planes, though, so battery life isn't a huge deal.

vtecintegra, Dec 5, 9:04pm
It really does depend on what you plan on doing. It's very aggressive about throttling back the CPU when nothing too taxing is going on. Watching youtube (which will cause the cpu to speed up) with wifi on I'm seeing around 2 hours, much more if it's just connected to the stereo playing mp3s

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