How to install HP F380 printer/scanner onto Vista

croco1, Dec 6, 1:56am
How to install HP F380 printer/scanner onto Vista I've bought a new Compaq Presario desktop with Vista Home Premium, my problem is, I have a 2 year old HP F380 printer / scanner / copier, and I can't install the disk onto Vista as it's only compatible with Windows XP, I can use the printer but can't scan and save to computer, I've been told to download a patch from HP but have no idea what to look for, any help would be great.

2295, Dec 6, 2:16am
This might help.

croco1, Dec 6, 2:45am
Thanks for that I have broadband but it looks like it's going to take over an hour to download 163MB, I'll see how it goes.

0800xford, Dec 6, 2:59am
"The Full Feature Software solution supplies full access to the many features of the All-in-One device and is ***intended for Users who want more than just a basic print and scan driver***." you can potentially order it on a cd.

croco1, Dec 6, 4:50am
Have downloaded successfully, everything running like it was on the old PC with Windows XP, printing / scanning etc, I cancelled the download a couple of times as it was going to take to long, over an hour, on the third go it was only going to take 7 minutes, thanks for the link 2295.

0800xford, Dec 6, 4:53am
the horse has bolted but a download manager like 'flashget' would be useful.

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