ohh fss darn torrents

pixma, Dec 7, 9:43am
Ohh fss darn torrents just finished download a 200mb odd pack that "turns your xp pro pc into xp media center", takes about 10 mins to install and when I run it [media center] it comes up with "this needs media center 2005 or later to run", fss. even when I'm stealing M$ OS they still can't get it right arrr

scorp11, Dec 7, 10:33am
perhaps if you paid for it then it may do what your wanting
but as u havent paid for it - LOL

brian_491, Dec 7, 6:08pm
Pixma thought you would know better software, try XMBC for Pc plays everyfile know to man good GUI and loves being networked

pcgeek, Dec 7, 9:26pm
Reread pixma post I am blatantly admitting I am trying to commit piracy, the information I provide here can be used as evidence against me.

pixma, Dec 7, 9:34pm
Ohh sorry, I thought it was open source. My mistake.

intrade, Dec 7, 9:39pm
Na he only trys to foool the iraa to come after him lol

pixma, Dec 7, 9:43pm
Brrr ...

pixma, Dec 7, 9:45pm
Downloading now.

pixma, Dec 7, 9:47pm
the live disc looks good.

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