What is your favourite printer brand?

mcdaff, Dec 7, 11:12am
What is your favourite printer brand? Used to have an HP 720C went for years with no problems till some part broke. So went for a Canon next PIXMA 750MP, and have been disappointed in it. Its an inkaholic but only the Canon original inks will do, have trouble with other cheaper ones so it has expensive tastes. Is fiddly to change the cartridges, and somehow it seems to taint the coloured cartridges with the black ink. Now it is printing with lines across when I print in colour. Feel like chucking it out and getting one I like better, but which one? Another HP or have they gone to the dogs too?

0800xford, Dec 7, 11:14am
no problems with epsons here.

soodanim, Dec 7, 11:30am
Canons can take any inks ...refills, third party mostly without anything extra required.

mr_lovebug, Dec 7, 12:33pm
Had, both canon & brother. Both are equally good. All comes down to what you want to do. I print photos on the brother (MFC) & no problems. Gave the canon away & wish I had kept it. Was a great printer.

nzmu, Dec 7, 4:31pm
It sems that many of the new models whichever brand have been found to 'not like' cheap inks. I know of two people who had the MX700 Canon and tried cheap ink. Neither printer worked again, Epsons will reject non-brand ink and Brothers will throw out warnings. I do like my Epsons, the ink is reasonable and seems to go a respectable distance. However, if you do large amounts of printing and do not need colour, check out the Brother laser 2140 at around $130.

deej5, Dec 7, 8:02pm
Epson. I have an Epson Photo R800 with 6 colour cartridges for brilliant photos and an Epson X8300 4 colour for general document printing. I don't believe I can do better.

deodar, Dec 7, 8:24pm
FFS Denise.Whats your favourite flavour Condom? Subjective& pointless isn't
it?Do they have Rhubarb?

deodar, Dec 7, 8:29pm
Oops,nice Siamese ,seal points no less. My Dog loves them.Try Cartridge World
as I do for my Pixma iP1800-it is ink
hungry.Prints well though.

pixma, Dec 7, 8:58pm
Hehe ***pixma***

intrade, Dec 7, 8:59pm
I got a old canon bjc3000 and refubisht it and a new fax- printer scanner epson cf9300f seems ok also

pixma, Dec 7, 9:01pm
at the moment I'm using an old HP laser jet via the network, but I do have a pixma [forgot model#] which I use for photos etc etc etc.

gbbrot, Dec 7, 9:11pm
I like.. any brand and model I can fit ink tanks to. Which doesn't include any printer I now have.

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