time3, Dec 8, 11:52pm
AMD VS INTEL Intel Pentium E2180 Dual Core 2GHz VS AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+, dual core, socket AM2, 2.8GHz which one is better? and why

mone, Dec 8, 11:53pm
For emailing and youtube you wont really notice.

r.g.nixon, Dec 8, 11:57pm
AMD 5400+ beats 2000+

time3, Dec 9, 12:05am
Yea i mean 5000+ instead 5400+

intrade, Dec 9, 12:07am
If dual core then a core2 duo that would beat a amd....

time3, Dec 9, 12:17am
Yea i know Yea i know but coz so much due 2 core

nzoomed, Dec 9, 12:27am
Everyone knows intel is always better lol

intrade, Dec 9, 12:28am
Pentium dual core are not core2 duo only core 2 duo kick ass....Host/Kernel/OS "Thorhammer" running Linux 2.6.27-11-server i686 [ KANOTIX 2007 Thorhammer ]
CPU Info (1) Intel Core2 6300 @ 2048 KB cache flags( sse sse2 nx lm pni vmx ) clocked at [ 1866.656 MHz ]
(2) Intel Core2 6300 @ 2048 KB cache flags( sse sse2 nx lm pni vmx ) clocked at [ 1866.656 MHz ]

kane199, Dec 9, 3:07am
I'd go for the AMD they do the trick in any circumstance

pcgeek, Dec 9, 3:22am
if you want value for money go with AMD

lostdude, Dec 9, 4:06am
Inthis case, the AMD is better. Only Core 2 Duos are better than Athlon64 X2s.

honeysacat, Dec 9, 4:23am
Simple rule of thumb Athlon smokes Pentium, core2 smokes athlon

sirfer, Dec 9, 4:32am
To get the best out of whatever CPU you choose Make sure the rest of the system is up to spec! :O)

woogmo, Dec 9, 4:42am
You kids are making me cry with your opinions rather than facts

kane199, Dec 9, 4:45am
Enlighten us Woogmo &0;

mazdasix, Dec 9, 5:37am
Woogmo Yes enlighten us. My 'opinions' are based on many benchmarks i've seen. Most 'opinions' in this thread are correct.

mazdasix, Dec 9, 5:38am
.C2D in general is a much better CPU than the X2s. Nuff said.

tptrader, Dec 9, 5:44am
The E2180 is a Pentium Dual Core NOT a core 2 duo or even a core duo. It's very simple.

vtecintegra, Dec 9, 6:49am
The E2180 is an E4300 (Core2 Duo) with less cache. Same 64bit Core architecture as the more expensive chips. To confuse things the original Core was not actually based on the Core architecture but rather based off the 32bit Pentium M, which was in turn based on the Pentium 3. So no, it's not simple.

pcgeek, Dec 9, 7:48pm
you old people don't have a clue.

time3, Dec 10, 12:07am
Thanks it seem intel have better overclock than amd. a friend of mine got a dule core process he overclock from 2ghz to 3ghz

true_cruzer, Dec 10, 2:11am
Intel intel pwnz for over clocking..

selfdestructive, Dec 17, 1:43am
...Im debating whether I should go back to intel as Ive gone through 5 motherboards in like 2 months now.

0800xford, Dec 17, 1:46am
wikkid nekkro [Xx.]

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