Acer Apire One

Acer Apire One Mine arrived today! I have to say, I'm pretty impresed (for what is after all, a cheapie travelling netbook that I bought based pretty much on price). Running XP Home, and seems *much* more responsive than the eee 900 on XP, and has a way nicer keyboard. I'd forgotten the dregs you have to sift through when setting up a new windows computer though - uninstall bundled trial A/V, uninstall Office trial, shut down startup items (DVD player on a device with no optical drive), install Open Office, VLC, A/V etc. Oh, and 120GB of HDD goodness for music/photos, rather than the 8GB SSD option. Let's see how much iTunes slows it down ;)

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 4:58 pm

eeek! you wouldn't! =o

geek_0800xford, Dec 9, 5:03 pm

I would! I'd only fire it up if I needed to sync my iPod. And I like iTunes :P

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 5:06 pm

cashbacks? ;)

geek_0800xford, Dec 9, 5:09 pm

Meh, I suppose so. I don't take that into account when I price them out, though. It'll be a nice surprise in three months or whatever, if it turns up.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 5:11 pm

Hubby just got one in oz for chatting with me when he's having a break from driving...I cant wait till he comes home for a break so I can get my hands on it

geek_micky_1, Dec 9, 5:20 pm

I bet you can't micky LOL

geek_tptrader, Dec 9, 5:23 pm

Hehe :P you know what I mean...;)

geek_micky_1, Dec 9, 5:25 pm

Surprising quality for an Acer aye :) BTW I just got confirmation they have received my cashback yesterday (applied on the 30th Oct), projected refund date is December 25th, lol

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 9, 8:03 pm

no posts DR? enjoying the new toy aye, tweakfest /on =]

geek_0800xford, Dec 9, 9:13 pm

Tweaking done for now. I'm used to USING a computer, not spending ages making it work properly, remember? :P

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 9:20 pm

i'm seeing a dual boot mission, puppy is all good [hell fast] =)

geek_0800xford, Dec 9, 9:28 pm

I'm so over linux. And I'm a pragmatist - it came with Windows, which does what I need. So Windows it is. Plus, not having an optical drive slightly increases the complexity of installing an OS. XP FTW!

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 9:35 pm

puppy installs to a flash drive, i know you probably know and you said you are over it but yeah i said it anyway.

geek_0800xford, Dec 9, 9:40 pm

I bought mine with the intention of installing Ubuntu but it works so nicely with XP I've never got around to it ()

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 9, 9:56 pm

Doesn't it.. come with Linux?

geek_gbbrot, Dec 9, 9:59 pm

But why, 0800? I need a browser, Open Office, iTunes, and storage space, and maybe Gimp. XP does that, and it's already there. Why would I bother with Linux? I don't need to join the penguin t-shirt wearing open-source brigade.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 9:59 pm

Some come with Linux I chose one with Linux. The only sticking point with me is iTunes (besides using it myself, I need it for my job). I guess you can run it under Wine or whatever, but I haven't used it before, and didn't want the hassle.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 10:01 pm

Dohshould read "I chose one with XP".

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 9, 10:02 pm

i was just mentioning it for the hell of it =]

geek_0800xford, Dec 10, 9:43 pm

Suresure I don't want to join your cult. :P

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 10, 9:43 pm

All new comps come with lots of crapware to remove and some tweakign is usually necessary.......

geek_drcspy, Dec 10, 9:46 pm

fair comment though, i think puppy has no OOO. hey man, fanboi-ism is all we have! =o [and wtf is a face hugger?]

geek_0800xford, Dec 10, 9:47 pm

dunedin_ree is an Apple user, so has not had to deal with that before.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 10, 9:47 pm

I have I just forgot how time-consuming it was. It'd be a good 5 years since I've had a new "home" computer with Windows on it.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 10, 9:49 pm

If you're an apple user you install osx on it

geek_gazzanova69, Dec 10, 10:01 pm

Damn thing :P It's developed some odd fault where it randomly goes into Standby (or Hiberation, have no idea what the difference is). Even stranger, last time it did it, I could make the screen turn on and off by lifting the front of it off the table and setting it back - like the tilt action was triggering something. Which sounds to my untrained brain like a loose wire - but it's actually going into Standby (well back to the login screen) rather than the screen going black with no other symptoms. Odd.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 11, 11:45 pm

1 all =p

geek_0800xford, Dec 12, 2:22 pm

Hey, there's no software to sync Touches, iPhones in Linux, afaik. So that kind of limits it's usefulness to a lot of people atm. Funnily enough I put OSX on one few days ago, it's ok. But it was only for giggles; what doesn't work: power management (yeah, a biggy in a laptop -aye), wireless card - not a biggy as there's plenty of compatible cards that can be transplanted (~$10 on ebay). Performance, about ~1GHz G4 level. I couldn't get sleep to work, but I did get hibernate working.

geek_osymandias, Dec 12, 3:05 pm