lookdonttouch, Dec 9, 8:37pm
Bittorrent been using it for a little while & although have read what Seeds & Peers are, still am not sure of the numbers? say in one of my downloading files it says 17(128) Seeds & 16(304) Peers. What do the numbers represent? & also one of the files I downloaded was 699MB but has uploaded 1.3GB. What is that?

lostdude, Dec 9, 8:50pm
Lol the 1st number is the number of peers you are actually connected to. The 2nd in the brackets are the 'swarm' or greater number that have not yet established a connection to you or vice versa. That 1.3gb of data you uploaded is how much you actually 'seeded' of that 699mb file. Have a wiki search for torrents to fully understand what you're doing.

lostdude, Dec 9, 8:53pm
Forgot to mention, that 1st lot of numbers (where it says 'seeds') are the number of 'peers' that are just 'seeding' the file. Meaning, just uploading now that they have the entire file. The 2nd lot are 'peers' that are still downloading & essentially uploading at the same time.

sighkick, Dec 10, 1:11am
Lookdonttouch - my recommendation isTo use &1;Torrent as a Bittorrent client and manage your connection properly. You have seeded [given back] far more than you need to to be a sharing and caring bittorrent user. Unless you have deep pockets, suggest you limit your upload speed and set your client to either stop or slow to a crawl [1kbps] after you reach a ratio of 1:1.

lookdonttouch, Dec 10, 4:16am
Sighkick iv tried using utorrent, cant get things to connect even after following the port forwarding instructions. with bittorrent most of the time it has the orange triangle, sometimes a green tick & occassionally a red whatever it is. am on xtras go large plan too so not too fussed about whats uploadedwas just curious as to why the upload was more than the original file i downloaded & now i knowthanks

lookdonttouch, Dec 10, 4:17am
I thought bittorrent & utorrent were the same type of thing?

lostdude, Dec 10, 4:21am
Bittorrent is the protocol, &1;Torrent is a bittorrent client or application

moses1311, Dec 10, 4:49am
Ok so what is the best site for downloads? i usually use mininova but im finding it doesnt actually have much to choose from.have also looked at pirate there any other good ones?

teroopu, Dec 10, 5:21am
I tend to use torrentz dot com its a torrent search engine. But in saying that most of the time it will direct me to either Pirate Bay or mininova.

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