Access database help please

Access database help please Hi, can anyone tell me how I can create in Access an individualised report based on data from only one table record. i.e. I want to enter data, press a button and it populates a letter based on the information in the single record, not the whole database.

geek_lelap1, Dec 10, 9:03 pm

Anyone...? Should be real simple I know, but I just can't seem to figure it. Haven't used access in many moons.

geek_lelap1, Dec 10, 9:14 pm

Don't know, maybe excel is easier? If it is ONE table, it is basically Excel, save the table as XLS, then link the cells to various positions in your document - no I don't know how to do itbut it should be reasonably easy.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 10, 9:42 pm

Your easiest way is to use the report wizard or similar, but if its one table then using it as a Word mailmerge document would be the best/quickest method

geek_jo-ann, Dec 10, 9:50 pm

Access is a bit more complicated than explaining in a messageboard, but it has a great onboard help :-)

geek_jo-ann, Dec 10, 9:56 pm