seeker23, Dec 11, 5:31am
Telstraclear? Hi people, have put this in general but might be more suited in here. Has anybody had any problems with telstra clear changing from dialup to PDQ?

0800xford, Dec 11, 6:20am
[ ] /tumbleweeds...

seeker23, Dec 11, 6:30am
Thanks anybody else.

0800xford, Dec 11, 6:32am
what do you mean by "problems"? do you have a specific problem or just in general?

0800xford, Dec 11, 6:34am
General thread [ ]

seeker23, Dec 11, 6:51am
Hi 0800xford long story but I ll make it short. I got an 800.00 dial up access bill for 1 months usage while on my PDQ launch plan. I thought my Dial up was automatically disconnected as I was to lead to beleive from their promotional brochure as it stated say goodbye to dialup if you go to PDQ launch. Now its obvious some one has accessed my dialup details and used it but what gets me is why it was still active. I didnt need it even if I went over my usage as I also had PDQ 1g usage pack for an extra $2.95. There still trying to say I have to pay for it after 3 months.

seeker23, Dec 11, 7:04am
It also staed in the brochure if you want to keep your existing dial up service then this is additional and you will be billed separaretly. They didnt even ask if I wanted to stay on my previous dial up plan and if I did I dont know how they came to $800.00 as my previous dial up plan was $16.95 a month. lol sorry was spose to be short story. Any way just wandering if anybody else has run into the same prob.

0800xford, Dec 11, 7:11am
i'd phone them

bowla3, Dec 11, 8:21am
Dial up to PDQ About 4/5 years ago, switched to PDQ. Next months bill had $?? owing, for dial up. Rang and was told they had left me on Dial up in case I needed back up and I should have cancelled . The amount was not great and since have had top service from them.

seeker23, Dec 11, 9:59am
Yes but why do they not inform you that you need to cancel your dial up yourself. Especially if its gona be at that much of an extra cost? and my previous dial up plan was only 16.95 a month where the heck did $800.00 come from in a month!!I called as soon as I got the bill, to be told that some 1 was accessing my dialup plan and I told them that of course it wasnt me and they said they would credit my account back the money that was owing.

seeker23, Dec 11, 10:00am
Then I got the bill the following month stating the 800.00 was still standing as they say I must have passed on my details to someone else who was using my dialup and I stated, I blardy did not.I then told them I refused to pay that bill until this was sorted in a proper manner. They then said to me we will get in touch with you within the week to let you know after they sort advice from their legal advises. So I waited. I was sick of the verbal disscussions at this time because they were changing their minds on the matter so I requested they email me so I would have copies. Heard nothing till bill came the following month with the $800.00 still outstanding. I feel their PDQ launch advertisng was misleading stating "SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR DIAL UP" you would expect would mean exactly that and if your dialup is still active you should be advised of that and what occurs if it is.I am very dissapointed with Telstraclear.

ruby2shoes, Dec 11, 10:09am
Signed a 12 Month contract 1-2 Months later, they STILL HADN'T SET UP BROADBAND. Usless.

seeker23, Dec 11, 10:14am
Lol!! same thing happen to me should of left it at that and learnt my lesson then. I rang back 2 months later and ask what was up and they apologised and set me up in a week.

l1002005, Dec 11, 10:18am
Pdq is just resold telecoms xtra adsl. threaten telstra that your leaving if the bill isnt sorted. they may change there mind. if not, chage to xtra, same internet, you wont notice a difference

seeker23, Dec 11, 10:22am
And when I finally got my dialup disconnected through this whole ordeal I couldnt get back onto the net so I rang them up and they put me through to a technician to find out I was on 2 PDQ plans, it even had the technician asking questions. Its been a blardy nightmare.

vtecintegra, Dec 11, 10:28am
I don't think we are getting the full story here. Here is (what I think) is a likely scenario - unpatched newly broadband connected computer is compromised resulting is all sorts of malware being installed, Amongst this malware is a good old fashioned dialer which is set to automatically dial out using the (still installed) dialup modem, probably to some number in either Asia or Eastern Europe. These toll calls then go on the phone bill.

vtecintegra, Dec 11, 10:30am
So it's not really a dialup issue at all as such. Obviously this is a theory only - If you tell us exactly what showed up on your bill we may be able to confirm/disconfirm :)

seeker23, Dec 11, 10:32am
Anyways Ill stop my ranting now lol. But would like to let people know about my ordeal with telstraclear so the same unfortunate thing does not happen to other people and if you are considering joining this plan make sure you inquire about the dialup access and what it incurs.

seeker23, Dec 11, 10:45am
Sure vtech I will tell you you. I would love some help with this. Just give me a minute and I will grab my bill and let you know my charges for that month.

seeker23, Dec 11, 11:02am
OkTelephone, charges & credit line rental discount(homeplan) -20.00 total charges and credit -20.00
Telephone charges for my number line rental 49.94 phone & fax 3.95 total 53.89. National calls total 2.50, Internet charges for my number PDQ launch 24.00 PDQ1G 0.00 Total 24.00 Usage, Traffic usage 2.95. Total traffic usuage 2.95 Internet savings and promotions PDQ 2 mnths free usage Promo(up to 10gb per month. -1.83. Total Internet Charges 25.12 Internet charges for My name Usage Dialup Analogue access(metro Number) 808.00

seeker23, Dec 11, 11:13am
Under the dialup analogue acces there is a overwhelming list of times and dates like 1 says 4:58am min:sec 96.20 another 1:29am min:sec 44:37 and the list goes on to many to name but some of the times are just at an unreal time of the morning. I dont even stay up this late usually but must admit this I would like to hear some advice on as it has really got me upset in saying that Im off to bed any advice would be much appreciated vtech. Nite all

memyselfandi1, Dec 11, 8:07pm
My mother in-law is having a similar problem. She has moved to pdq launch with Telstra, but her dial up was provided by telecom and she is still getting charged for it

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